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Faculty Spotlights

CITL seeks to engage teachers in an active and ongoing process of reflection and growth, encouraging instructional innovation at all levels.

Our featured faculty are enhancing teaching and learning both through individual adoption of new methods and through far-reaching approaches that extend to the cutting edge of instruction.

Mike Sellers

Mike Sellers, who has a long history in the gaming industry, advocates for diversity and systems thinking through his curriculum. Sellers Teaches 21st Century Thinking Through Game Design. December 2015

Judy Steiner-Williams

By flipping her business communications course, Judy Steiner-Williams freed up time for Group Work That Helped Students Learn More Deeply. August 2015

Katy Strand

Katy Strand uses a plethora of active learning projects to engage her music education students, from a Service-Learning Component to Collaborative Song Writing and Discussions. August 2015

Jared Allsop

Jared Allsop has used case method teaching in his recreational therapy assessment and planning course to better engage and prepare students for the course’s service-learning component. Allsop Uses Case Method Teaching to Prepare Students July 2015

Kalani Craig

Kalani Craig integrated in-class activities with out-of-class activities using Canvas' Pages tool to create a living syllabus, which students had the opportunity to shape and engage with, thus spurring active learning. Students Engage With, Influence Living Syllabus May 2015

Eric Sandweiss

Eric Sandweiss created online resources, such as unit resources and readings, a collection area, and exhibition areas for students’ research. Students engaged in research, collaborative learning, and the use of digital artifacts classified along themes to create a virtual exhibition. Class Builds Virtual Exhibit of Cities and Their Histories April 2015

Henry Wakhungu

Henry Wakhungu wants students to do statistics, so he uses online resources for self-study in both face-to-face and online sections of his class. Students view resources, solve problems, receive quick feedback, and are more engaged. Harnessing Online Resources February 2015

Rasul Mowatt

In his large class, Rasul Mowatt incorporates elements of both project-based and team-based learning. Students teams work to complete video projects that also structures writing projects. The result is an experience that helps students develop and articulate greater social awareness in their field. Undergraduate Research Using Video as a Method December 2014

Joanne Klossner

According to Joanne Klossner, the poster session is the final and most meaningful step in helping students bridge the gap between theory and practice, as they prepare for a future in athletic training. Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: Authentic Assessment in an Athletic Training Course May 2014

Marth MacLeish

Martha MacLeish Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Head of Fundamentals Studio offered "Drawing in the Digital Age" totally online for the first time in Summer 2013. The course was a success in part because of the use of IU Box to facilitate sharing of assignments and structured peer review. Creating an Online Learning Space for the Art Critique October 2013

Curt Bonk

Curt Bonk enriches his online and face-to-face classes by inviting, via videoconferencing, well-known scholars and practitioners in multiple disciplines related to Instructional Technology. Bringing Experts From Around the World to Your Class March 2013

Sarah Smith-Robbins

Sarah Smith-Robbins teaches about, with, and through social media to help her students demonstrate their mastery of course goals and learning outcomes through real-world projects. Going Social: It’s a state of mind January 2013

Kasey Ramirez

Kasey Ramirez articulates her grading standards as well as specific aspects of each assignment through the use of rubrics. Using Grading Rubrics in a Studio Art Course December 2012

Cara Maffini

Cara Maffini noticed how the increasingly diverse student population affected her classroom dynamics. In particular, her international students often struggled to ask questions in class, participate in group discussions, question the authority of texts, communicate concerns with instructors, and understand idioms and humor. Creating Inclusive Classrooms August 2012

Melanie Marketon

Melanie Marketon wants students in her lab-based course, M360 Microbial Physiology, to have experience with real scientific research. For Marketon, that meant getting away from traditional science labs with recipe-based experiments and little student-to-student interaction. Team-Based Learning in a Lab Course July 2012

Joshua Danish

Joshua Danish gives his students, prospective elementary school teachers, the opportunity to practice observing instances of learning in the classroom and interpreting them through the lens of various learning theories. Helping Students Use Theory to See the World Differently May 2012

Mark Braun

Mark Braun provides students in Indiana and around the world with digital study images through virtual microscopy. Opening Pathology Education Through Virtual Microscopy May 2012

Jen Shang

Jen Shang made some unexpected discoveries about student learning as a result of her willingness to change the way she taught Organizational Behavior and Arts Management. Using Analogies to Translate Expert Thinking April 2012

Linda Hoke-Sinex

Linda Hoke-Sinex helps girls navigate through adolescence by teaching a service-learning class that pairs IU students in her “The Psychology of Girls in Adolescence” course with girls at local middle schools. Service-Learning that Guides Local Girls Through Adolescence March 2012

Brian D'Onofrio

Brian D'Onofrio uses innovative methods to help his students prepare for lectures and retain course materials. Using Just-in-Time Teaching to Ensure Student Preparation for Lecture February 2012

Alwiya Omar

Alwiya Omar asks students to write and record stories in her Swahili classes to increase student motivation and performance. The Power of Storytelling to Engage Students January 2012

Poster Session 2011

Faculty and instructors from across the IUB campus gathered in October 2011 to share their scholarly inquiry into teaching practices. "Spotlight on Innovation" Poster Session 2011 December 2011

Benjamin Motz

Benjamin Motz asked students to produce public service announcements as a way to engage them in his cognitive psychology course. Find out what he learned about this active learning technique and things to consider should you try something like this in your own course. Using Student-Produced Public Service Announcements to Increase Learning September 2011