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 2014 News Items

News items from 2014 are listed below.

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From the Director: High-Impact Educational Practices at IUB
Fall 2014
High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are sets of curricular and co-curricular activities that have been proven to contribute to student engagement, retention, and success. Provost Lauren Robel envisions a campus culture that “inspires all students to embrace high-impact practices and assures them of the opportunities to do so.” The CITL challenges faculty members to share Provost Robel's vision by embracing practices that provide students with powerful learning experiences. Read More

Fall 2014 Events Series: High-Impact Practices
Fall 2014
The CITL’s theme for the 2014-15 academic year is High-Impact Practices (HIPs). HIPs are activities that deepen students’ learning through extended, intellectually engaging, and educationally effective curricula that incorporate diversity and global learning, collaborative projects, service-learning, and/or intensive writing. Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Deanna Reising
Fall 2014
Deanna Reising, associate professor in the School of Nursing, has been named a Macy Faculty Scholar by the Macy Foundation to continue her work on improving health education. Her project was originally funded by CITL’s SOTL Grant program and supports the Provost’s initiative to improve the opportunities and support for women in STIM disciplines. Read More

IU's Psychology and Brain Sciences Instructors Receive Teaching and Learning Consortium Grant
Fall 2014
Psychology and Brain Sciences (PBS) instructors Benjamin Motz, David Landy, and Thomas Busey were recently awarded competitive funding to investigate student achievement within large Introductory Psychology (P101) classes. Their study, Enabling Data-Driven Improvement of Introductory Psychology, will also compare student success in P101 to student success in successive psychology classes, to students’ overall performance within PBS, and to their performance in other coursework at Indiana University. Read More

2014 Service-Learning Program Graduate Fellows
Fall 2014
The Service-Learning Program is pleased to announce its Graduate Fellows for the 2014-15 academic year. Read More

Faculty Members To Present at 2014 Statewide IT Conference
Fall 2014
The Statewide IT conference is IU’s annual gathering of IT professionals, attracting attendees from all over the state to learn about new technologies and initiatives and to plan for the future. For the past several years, the conference has included a track for teaching and learning with technology, and the program for this year includes several presentations by IU faculty members. Read More

Career Development for Non-tenure Track Faculty Members
Fall 2014
In the 2014-15 academic year, the CITL will again offer Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) focused on the professional development of non-tenure track (NTT) faculty members. These FLCs will provide a supportive environment in which NTT faculty can explore ways of enhancing their teaching while learning to document their efforts in meaningful and effective ways. The deadline for applications is Friday, September 19. Read More

Online Course Basics Series
Fall 2014
The CITL's Online Course Basics series consists of five 3-hour workshops that will help instructors learn how to design and teach online courses. Read More

Enhancing Grading Practices Using Canvas Rubrics and Learning Outcomes
Fall 2014
Canvas, IU's new learning management system, offers robust support for advanced approaches to learning in its Rubrics and Learning Outcomes tools. Both tools will allow instructors to move their pedagogical thinking forward. Read More

Advancing Faculty Use of Instructional Technologies through Badges
Fall 2014
In order to help faculty members enhance their teaching, UITS, FACET, and the IU teaching centers have teamed up to offer a series of badges that help structure and document instructors’ work on improving their teaching. Read More

Advocates for Community Engagement (ACE) Newsletter: Summer 2014
Fall 2014
The Service-Learning Program's ACEs serve as liaisons between service-learning students, local agencies and organizations, and faculty. Read more about their work, and the work of their community partners. Read More

Making Research Visible: The IUB SOTL Bibliography
Fall 2014
The IUB SOTL Bibliography cites the contributions faculty, staff, and graduate students from the Bloomington campus have made to teaching and learning literature, demonstrating the strength and vitality of the research being conducted locally and in collaboration with instructors at other institutions. Read More

Helping International Students Learn
Fall 2014
Students enter IUB with diverse cultural backgrounds, academic preparation, and expectations about college. For example, 9% of IUB undergraduates are international students, and an additional 11% are US minority students. In focus groups and interviews, IUB international and minority students have suggested ways we might better support their learning. Read More

Clickers: Fall 2014
Fall 2014
IU supports the use of Clickers as a method of promoting active learning. CITL staff have developed a resource about TurningPoint's integration with Canvas for instructors who have already transitioned to IU's new learning management system. Read More

LearningTechnologies-L E-mail List
Fall 2014
The LearningTechnologies-L e-mail list provides important and timely announcements for instructors using supported learning technologies at Indiana University, as well as news and information about learning technology pilots and other related initiatives. Instructors using Oncourse, Canvas, and other learning technologies in their courses are strongly encouraged to subscribe. Read More

Subscribe to CITL Friends Updates
Fall 2014
The CITL supplements its quarterly newsletters with weekly messages about upcoming events and/or time-sensitive announcements. To subscribe, contact the CITL with your request.

From the Director: Refresh Your Teaching with Canvas
May 2014
The adoption of Canvas as IU's new learning management system (LMS) is an occasion for instructors to reflect on their teaching and to update the methods they use to engage their students. As they move content from Oncourse to Canvas, instructors are encouraged to explore new teaching techniques they might implement in the new system. Read More

2014-15 Faculty Learning Communities: Call for Applications
May 2014
The CITL is now accepting applications from faculty members who are interested in participating in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) for the 2014-15 academic year. This year's topics are Envisioning Meaning and Visual Literacy, Backward Course Design in Action, and Active Learning Spaces. The deadline for applications is Friday, May 30. Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Joanne Klossner
May 2014
For the final project in Joanne Klossner’s Principles and Techniques of Therapeutic Exercise class, students present their research results at a poster session that simulates a professional conference. As authentic assessments, the student posters provide a method for determining to what extent students have achieved course goals. Read More

2013-14 Service-Learning Fellows and Award Recipients
May 2014
The CITL's Service-Learning Program staff genuinely appreciates the excellent work of all of their fellows and award recipients. These individuals have made significant contributions to service-learning at IU and service-learning's impact on and off campus. Read More

Fall 2014 Next.IU Pilots Announced
April 2014
As part of Next.IU's ongoing evaluation of next-generation learning technologies, pilots of video management platforms Ensemble Video, MediaCore, and Kaltura will begin this summer and continue through the end of the fall 2014 semester. Additionally, Next.IU's pilots of VoiceThread, a media-rich discussion environment, and Piazza, an online problem-solving space for students, have been extended through December 31, 2014. Instructors can participate in Next.IU pilots at no cost. Read More

2014 Summer Instructional Development Fellowships Awarded
April 2014
The 2014 Summer Instructional Development Fellowships (SIDFs) have been awarded to eight IUB faculty members to support the development of innovative teaching methods that promote engaged student learning. Read More

Canvas: IU's New Learning Management System
April 2014
Now is the perfect time for instructors to start thinking about how Canvas, IU's new learning management system (LMS), can help students achieve course learning objectives. Consultants at the CITL are ready to help instructors learn how to get the most out of Canvas by promoting student engagement, interaction, and inquiry. Drop in, e-mail, call, sign up for a workshop, or take a self-guided tour of Canvas to get started. Read More

The CITL's 2013 Annual Report Released
April 2014
Do you utilize the CITL's services but wonder about the larger scope of its work across campus? Download a copy of the CITL's 2013 Annual Report for summaries of its services and programs, as well as descriptions of the ways the center has promoted instructional innovation at Indiana University Bloomington. Read More

Featured Publication: The Graduate Student Experience
February 2014
In the January 2014 special issue of Teaching Sociology, graduate students in IUB’s Department of Sociology, in collaboration with co-authors at other institutions, communicated results of their investigations into the teaching experiences and concerns of graduate teaching assistants in sociology. The studies were completed as part of S706 Research in Higher Education, the third course in the Preparing Future Faculty Program sequence that leads to the department’s Certificate in College Pedagogy. Read More

From the Director: Disciplinary Thinking and Teaching
January 2014
CITL progamming and research stress the importance of teaching in ways that go beyond content delivery and convey the intellectual skills inherent in the discipline at hand. Read More

Career Development Opportunity for Non-tenure Track Faculty
January 2014
This semester the CITL is offering Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) focused on the professional development of non-tenure track faculty members. These FLCs will provide a supportive environment in which non-tenure track faculty members can explore ways of enhancing their teaching while learning to document their efforts in meaningful and effective ways. The deadline for applications is Friday, January 31. Read More

Spring Events Series: Critical Thinking and Inquiry by Design
January 2014
The CITL's spring 2014 events series, "Critical Thinking and Inquiry by Design: Engaging Students as Thinkers, Researchers, and Writers," will explore how thoughtful course and assignment design can help students improve their information fluency as they work with sources, reveal their thinking through writing and speaking, and move beyond surface understanding. Sessions in the series will also address how faculty members can assess and respond efficiently to students' inquiry projects. Read More

Fall 2013 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant Winners Announced
January 2014
This academic year marks the first time that IUB’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program will award research grants in both spring and fall semesters. In the fall of 2013 the SOTL Review Committee awarded a total of $29,000 to fund a total of five research projects. Read More