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The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers interdisciplinary programs that provide for the varied interests of students and prepare them for careers in research, teaching, or management in public, private, or nonprofit sectors.


Students may choose to pursue a minor or an undergraduate area certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies as they obtain a Bachelor's degree in a primary discipline. These programs are designed to offer integrated regional expertise to students planning careers in teaching, research, journalism, government, business, the non-profit sector, and other areas.


Graduate programs are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Latin American societies. CLACS offers interdisciplinary training in the Latin American and Caribbean area through its M.A. program, dual-degrees with professional schools, and its doctoral-level certificate and minor.


Both undergraduate and graduate students can benefit from strong language programs offered through CLACS on Haitian Creole, Yucatec Maya, a Mexican indigenous language, and Quechua, an indigenous language of the Andes.


CLACS offers several core interdisciplinary courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and sponsors semester-long seminars that allow faculty and graduate students to discuss their research. Students may also choose from more than 30 College of Arts and Sciences' course offerings every academic year, in disciplines such as anthropology, folklore, geography, history, literature, and political science. In addition, the Schools of Business,Education, Journalism, Informatics and Computing (Department of Information and Library Science), Music, and Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) also have courses on the region.