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FLAS Summer Scholarships

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers the academic year and summer FLAS fellowships for the following languages: Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Quechua, Yucatec Maya, and advanced level Spanish (in exceptional cases). Additional indigenous languages in Latin America are available for summer study.

Undergraduates are eligible for summer FLAS fellowships only.

About the FLAS

  • Award amount: Up to $7,500 (up to $5,000 for language program costs and a $2,500 stipend for housing/food).
  • As IU will not be offering FLAS approved Quechua, Yucatec Maya, Haitian Creole, or Portuguese language courses this summer, you will have to take up residence at a FLAS recommended site. Students must also apply directly to the language program at the FLAS recommended site.
    • Please see the website of the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs for listings of some summer language programs or download an excel spreadsheet of programs attended by past FLAS recipients.
    • In order to comply with FLAS definitions of an Intensive summer language program, your program of study must be at least 6 weeks in duration and include a minimum of 140 instructional contact hours at the Intermediate levels, or 120 instructional contact hours at the Advanced level.


Students are eligible to apply for FLAS if she/he is:

  • A US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • FLAS Awards are available to undergraduates only for the summer, and only for intermediate or advanced study of indigenous languages (2nd year or higher) or advanced study of Portuguese (3rd year or higher).

To Apply

The application period for 2014-2015 is closed. Applications will be accepted for 2015-2016 later in the Fall 2014 semester, pending receipt of federal funding for the program.

  • Application Procedures:
    • Send one complete set of official transcripts of college and university credits to the CLACS office
    • All FLAS applications must be submitted online. The application will require you to submit:
      • A personal statement of 300-500 words. The CLACS selection committees, however, will read statements of up to 1000 words in length. Rather than focusing on word count, you should focus on making the strongest statement possible, keeping in mind the tips outlined below. Please note that this is a policy specific to CLACS.
      • TWO letters of recommendation - While the FLAS application website states that three letters of recommendation are required, CLACS will only require two letters of recommendation for FLAS Summer applicants. The online FLAS application form, however, will require you to identify a third recommender in order to save and complete your application. As a workaround for Summer applications only, please enter the following information:
        • Name: FLAS Coordinator
        • Title: FLAS Coordinator
        • Affiliation Address: CLACS
        • Email address: clac[at]
        • To the right, please select the radio button corresponding to "Reference on File."

FLAS Application Tips

CLACS only gets to award a handful of FLAS fellowships each year, and each year the competition for these awards grows stiffer. Here are a few tips to make your FLAS application more competitive:

  • CLACS has a strong commitment to supporting our less-commonly-taught language programs: Haitian Creole, Yucatec Maya, and Quechua. If you intend to study one of these languages then we strongly encourage you to apply for FLAS support!
  • The selection committee is looking for applicants who express a strong commitment to mastering the languages that they are studying and using their language skills in graduate school and beyond.
  • If you are applying for a summer FLAS to do language study outside of the United States, then you must make it clear that your primary intention is language study. In the past, the CLACS selection committee has given lower scores to proposals in which the applicant implied (or stated outright) that he or she would be using the fellowship to support research or other goals.

Application Submission FAQ

  • Can elements of an application from a previous year be copied into a current application? Yes. If you have applied for a FLAS Award from CLACS in a previous year, please contact CLACS - clacs[at] - with a detailed list of what portions of your file you would like us to use for your current application. This list can include academic transcripts and, in certain rarer cases, letters of recommendation, although we normally recommend that your letters be as up-to-date as possible.
  • If I am an IU student, does the copy of my IU transcript need to be official? No. In the case of IU transcripts only, we will accept a print-out generated by you through the Onestart Student Center.
  • Can I ask my home department to send you copies of my official transcripts from other universities? Yes, we will accept copies of your official transcripts if they come to us directly from another IU department. These documents should be sent through campus mail to FLAS Application Coordinator, CLACS, 1125 East Atwater Avenue.
  • I received a small amount of credit from several different institutions as I worked toward one of my degrees. Do you require official transcripts from all of those institutions? No, we require transcripts only from the institutions that granted final degrees.

Please contact Katie Novak, CLACS Academic Secretary at katinova[at] with any questions about applying for the FLAS award.