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CLACS in the Community

CLACS participates in a number of community events throughout the year in order to promote Latin American and Caribbean languages and cultures on and off the IUB campus.

Hola Bloomington

CLACS is sponsoring the program "Hola Bloomington" Friday's on WFHB Community Radio 91.3 and 98.1. The program runs from 6-7pm. We provide professors from IU, visiting professors and other intellectuals who participate in the interview portion of the program. To download the most recent program, visit the WFHB website at:

Indiana University's Global Speakers Service (GSS)

IU's Global Speakers Service is designed to enhance international topics and activities in Indiana's schools and civic organizations: K-12, college, and adult education classes, government organizations, churches, businesses, social clubs, libraries, museums, service clubs, and retirement communities. Within 50 miles of Bloomington, IU faculty, advanced graduate students, and international students are available to make presentations, free-of-charge, on a wide range of international topics to add a global component to any curriculum or program.

Great Decisions Series

The Great Decisions Series is a program of the Foreign Policy Association. The series is hosted by Meadowood Retirement Community for Meadowood residents. The IU International Outreach Council commissions CLACS to provide speakers to present on important foreign policy challenges in Latin America.

Lotus Blossoms

The Lotus Blossoms Bazaar is an annual event held over the course of two days in March, Friday and Saturday. On Friday, all the fourth grade students in Monroe County Public Schools are bussed in. The bazaar is set up with international and cultural booths featuring activities, crafts and performances that the students get to enjoy for one of three 50 minute sessions. On Saturday, the bazaar is open to the public, free of charge.

Each year CLACS participates with cultural activity booths (depending on the interest and availability of IOC members and volunteers), 3 tables for a Calligraphy booth, global backpacks displays, Material World posters and the IU Outreach Resource table.

Questions? Contact us at clacs[at]