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Current CLACS students

Student Spotlight

Edward Brudney is a recent CLACS alumnus, having obtained his M.A. in 2013. During his time with the program, his primary focus was on Latin American history. However, CLACS's interdisciplinary approach towards Latin America allowed him to take courses across a variety of disciplines, including Anthropology, American Studies, Spanish, and Portuguese. In September 2013, Edward successfully defended his thesis on government labor policy during Argentina's most recent military dictatorship. CLACS made this coursework possible by arranging for funding through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University, where Edward served as an Associate Instructor of Spanish for two years. Since finishing his M.A., Edward has gone on to enroll in the History Ph.D. program at IU, focusing on twentieth-century Argentina. His experience at CLACS provided a critically important theoretical base for his future research, and he continues to work closely with the center, while pursuing a Latin American studies Ph.D. minor.

See a listing of CLACS students and alumni:


  • Kaitlyn Blansett - Major: Spanish & History (CLACS Certificate)
  • Karaline Cartagena - Major: Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Victoria Collins - Major: Linguistics & Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Catherine Fonseca - Major: History/Spanish/Folklore & Ethnomusicology (CLACS Certificate)
  • Sara Gaspard - Major: Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management (CLACS Minor)
  • Brett Hamm - Major: History/African American & African Diaspora Studies (CLACS Certificate)
  • Grace Hankins - Major: International Business & Public Policy Analysis (CLACS Minor)
  • Gabriel Jalles - Major: Environmental Management (CLACS Minor)
  • Megan Kelly - Major: International Studies & Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Elyse Kienitz - Major: Spanish (CLACS Minor)
  • Samantha McEvoy - Major: Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Brianna Meyer - Major: Economics/Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Mary Oelker - Major: Spanish/Anthropology (CLACS Certificate)
  • Seth Phillips - Major: Spanish (CLACS Minor)
  • Julia Selby - Major: Anthropology (CLACS Certificate)
  • Sarah TeKolste - Major: Spanish/Theatre & Drama (CLACS Certificate)

M.A. Students

  • Zachary Baquet - Countercultures, Street Performance, South America
  • Mike Fitt - squatter settlements, Peru
  • Dayna Cueva Alegria - Political Ecology, Peru
  • Denisa Jashari - History, Chile
  • Kathryn Lehman - History, Bolivia
  • Sonia Manriquez - Quechua, Andes, and Indigenous issues
  • Diana Velazquez - Education, Marginalization, Mexico/US

Dual Degree Students

  • Megan Beddow - Civic Engagement, Sustainability (M.A./M.P.A.)
  • Aviva Elzufon - government social programs, technology, Southern Cone (M.A./M.P.A.)
  • Laura Geiken - Information Access, Panama (M.A./M.L.S.)
  • John Kroondyk - Brazil, Portuguese language (M.A./M.L.S.)
  • Marie Suding - Portuguese language, Brazil (M.A./M.P.A.)
  • Nicholas Tschida-Reuter - Caribbean history (M.A./M.P.A.)
  • Nathan Viets - Conservation Policy, Afro-Brazil (M.A./M.P.A.)

Ph.D. Students

  • Marc Antone - History (CLACS minor)
  • Sheila Blanchard - Anthropology (CLACS Minor)
  • Eric Carbajal - Spanish/Portuguese (CLACS Minor)
  • Sarah Foss - History (CLACS Minor)
  • Kaitlin Guidarelli - Spanish/Portuguese (CLACS Minor)
  • Ricardo Higelin Ponce de León - Anthropology (CLACS Minor)
  • Nicole Kaforski - Major: International Studies (CLACS Certificate)
  • Mitsuko Kawabata - Folklore & Ethnomusicology (CLACS Minor)
  • Elizabeth Konwest - Anthropology (CLACS Minor)
  • Matthew Lebrato - Anthropology (CLACS Minor)
  • Gaelle Le Calvez - Spanish/Portuguese (CLACS Minor)
  • Frank Marshalek - Geography (CLACS Minor)
  • Heather McFadden - Folklore & Ethnomusicology (CLACS Minor)
  • Joseph Pecorelli - Spanish/Portuguese (CLACS Minor)
  • Javier Ramirez - Communication & Culture (CLACS Minor)
  • Jenny Riley - Anthropology (CLACS Minor)
  • Jessica Rivers - Communication & Culture (CLACS Minor)
  • Rachel Schlegel - Spanish/Portuguese (CLACS Minor)
  • Francisco Tandioy Jansasoy - Folklore & Ethnomusicology (CLACS Minor)

Recent Alumni

  • Colin Airriess - Major: Portuguese/International Studies (CLACS Certificate)
  • Mariella Arredondo - Ph.D. in Education (CLACS Minor)
  • Catilin Benallack - Latin American politics (M.A./M.L.S.)
  • Kaitlin Blatt - Major: Biology (CLACS Certificate)
  • Edward Brudney - History, labor, Argentina (M.A.)
  • Matthew Cesnik - Major: History/Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Rebecca Clouser - Ph.D. in Geography (CLACS Minor)
  • Marcie Deffenbaugh - Quechua (M.A./M.I.S.)
  • Rachel Dotson - social movements, language, and eduation in Latin America (M.A.)
  • Vicky Gruzynski - Brazil, Portuguese language (M.A./M.L.S.)
  • Anne Marie Guerrettaz - Ph.D. in Second Language Studies (CLACS Minor)
  • Nina Hensarling (Cole) - Peru and Central America, fair trade and coffee (M.A./M.B.A.)
  • Katherine Horn - Major: Spanish/Biology (CLACS Certificate)
  • Alexis Howard - Major: Neuroscience/Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Nicole Kaforski - Major: International Studies (CLACS Certificate)
  • Michael Lemon - popular political culture, nation/state formation, memory, Chile (M.A.)
  • Kourtney Liepelt - Major: Journalism/Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Katie Lorentson - Major: Spanish/Criminal Justice (CLACS Certificate)
  • Madeline Makielski - Major: Anthropology/Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Perry Mcaninch - Major: Folklore & Ethnomusicology (CLACS Minor)
  • Silvia Panigada - Major: Fine Arts (CLACS Minor)
  • Erika Piquero - Major: International Studies/Linguistics (CLACS Certificate)
  • Alison Pitt - Honduras, food security, rural development, and peace (M.A./M.P.A)
  • Irasema Rivera - gender, Mexican history, Latino Studies (M.A./M.P.H.)
  • David Sirkin - Major: History (CLACS Certificate)
  • Timothy Thompson - Portuguese, libraries and popular education in Brazil (M.A./M.L.S.)
  • Alexandra Toledo- governability, development NGOs, food sovereignty, Peru (M.A./M.P.A.)
  • Nancy Vazquez-Soto - domestic violence and animal abuse in Puerto Rico (M.A.)
  • Abigail Yates - Major: Spanish (CLACS Certificate)
  • Allison Yates - Major: International Studies/Spanish/Near Eastern Languages & Cultures (CLACS Certificate)