Greek and Latin were the only courses offered in the early days of Indiana University (1824-1827), when it came into being as Indiana State Seminary and employed only one faculty member. Much has changed at Indiana University and in the study of the ancient world since those times. Today, the Department of Classical Studies has ten faculty and provides a wide range of courses for both undergraduate and graduate students in ancient Greek and Roman languages, literature, art, archaeology, and civilization, and exciting study abroad opportunities. The Department also participates actively in the newly established Program in Ancient Studies, which brings together faculty and students from twelve departments and programs for lectures, colloquia, and workshops on various aspects of antiquity.

Left Image: Shell-Borne Venus, central panel of the garden painting in the House of D. Lucretius Satrius Valens (Casa della Venere in Conchiglia), Pompeii. Right Image: Robert Laurent’s “The Birth of Venus,” Showalter Fountain, IU Bloomington campus.