Margaretha Kramer-HajosMargaretha Kramer-Hajos

  • Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology, Department of Classical Studies
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Classical Studies
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Art


  • M.A. in Classical Philology, at University of Groningen (The Netherlands), cum laude, 1994
  • M.A.T. Latin and Greek Languages, at University of Groningen, 1995
  • Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology, at Cornell University, 2005

Research Interest

  • Bronze Age Aegean Archaeology
  • The end of the Bronze Age
  • Gender and age in the prehistoric Aegean
  • Minoan and Mycenaean iconography

Contact Information

Ballantine Hall, Room 558


I am a Classical Archaeologist whose major interest is the Bronze Age Aegean, especially the Mycenaean culture of the Late Bronze Age. Within this, I am most interested in the transitional periods to and from the Late Bronze Age: the emergence of the Mycenaean culture and the end of the Bronze Age, especially in the area of Central Greece. Currently, I focus on the interplay between the palatial culture of Central Greece and the non-palatial areas along the Euboean Gulf and the role of ships (and attendant phenomena such as trade and raiding) in these interactions. I am also interested in iconographic conventions, the role of iconography in self-representation and ideology, and questions of gender and age in the Bronze Age Aegean. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for classics and archaeology with students and regularly teach the introductory “Classical Art and Archaeology” class, as well as classes on Athens and on various aspects of Greek Art and Archaeology from prehistoric to Hellenistic times.

Selected Awards

  • IU Summer Instructional Development Fellowship (2010)
  • IU Trustee Teaching Award (2009; 2011; 2013)
  • Edward A. Schrader Endowment Fund for Classical Archaeology, IU, Summer Field Research Grant (2007-2009; 2011-2012; 2013)

Courses Recently Taught

  • Classical Art and Archaeology
  • Art and Archaeology of the Aegean
  • Art and Archaeology of Greece
  • Topography and Monuments of Athens
  • The Golden Age of Athens
  • Gender in the Prehistoric Aegean
  • Piracy in the Ancient World

Publication Highlights


Mycenaean Central Greece and the Aegean World: Palace and Province in the Late Bronze Age (under contract with Cambridge University Press; anticipated publication date in 2015)

Beyond the Palace: Mycenaean East Lokris (British Archaeological Reports International Series 1781), Oxford 2008


“Gaps in the Record. The Missing LH I-II and IIIB Phases on Euboea,” in An Island Between Two Worlds: The Archaeology of Euboea from Prehistoric to Byzantine Times, edited by Z. Tankosic, M. Kosma, and F. Mavridis. Athens: Norwegian Institute of Archaeology in Athens (forthcoming in 2015)

“Social Networks of the Late Bronze Age Euboean Gulf: The Ceramic Evidence,” in J. Hilditch, A. Kotsonas, C. Beestman-Kruijshaar, M. Revello-Lami, S. Ruckl, S. Ximeri (eds.) Connectivity in the Ancient Mediterranean: Ceramic Perspectives on Island, Mainland, Coastland and Hinterland, Proceedings of the conference held at the University of Amsterdam, Feb 1-3rd 2013. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University, 2015 (in press)

“Mourning, Gender, and Agency at Late Bronze Age Tanagra,” Hesperia,2015 (in press)

“Sailor-Warriors and the End of the Bronze Age along the Euboean Gulf,” in A. Mazarakis Ainian (ed.), Proceedings of the 3rd Archaeological Meeting of Thessaly and Central Greece 2006-2008. From Prehistory to the Contemporary Period, Volos 12-15 March 2009,Volos 2013, 915-927

“The Land and the Heroes of Lokris in the Iliad,” Journal of Hellenic Studies 132 (2012) 87-105

The Bronze Age Site of Mitrou in East Lokris: Finds from the 1988-1989 Surface Survey, Hesperia 77(2), 2008, 163-250 (with K. O’Neill)

"A man from Halai? Problems with a-ra-o in the Theban Linear B Tablets, Kadmos 45, 2006, 85-92