Daniel OslandDaniel Osland

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies


  • Wheaton College (IL), B.A. summa cum laude, in Archaeology/Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology, 2000
  • University of Cincinnati, M.A. in Classics, 2005
  • University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. in Classics, 2011

Research Interests

  • Art and archaeology of the Greco-Roman world
  • Intercultural contacts in the ancient Mediterranean
  • Roman and late antique urbanism

Contact Information
Ballantine Hall 550


As a Roman archaeologist, I have a special interest in research questions that allow me to work with the intersection between material remains and written sources. Much of the research that I have done over the past several years addresses questions of identity – how individuals and groups define themselves and how they seek to assign identity to “others,” especially as illustrated by written and visual media. My interest in the intersection between textual evidence and material culture led to the publication of a monograph, The Early Roman Cities of Lusitania (2006), which grew out of my M.A. thesis. My Ph.D. research focused on the Roman city of Emerita, modern Mérida, Spain, as a case study on the processes of urban change in Hispania during the fall of the Western Roman Empire. My current research includes projects that focus on economic trends in Late Antiquity, the evolution and reuse of Roman religious and public spaces, and changes in dining and food preparation habits in late Roman and post-Roman Hispania.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Fall 2011: Roman Culture, Topography and Monuments of Rome/The Ancient City
    Spring 2012: Art and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Introduction to Classical Archaeology