Current Students :: Graduate Program

Jonathan ChickenJonathan Chicken


  • B.A. 1998, Classics, University of Wisconsin
  • M.A. 2002, Latin, Indiana University

Academic Interests

  • Greek Lyric
  • Greek Historiography
  • Military History
  • Greek/Barbarian Identity

Courses Taught

Indiana University Department of Classical Studies, Associate Instructor (2000-2005, 2007-):

  • Introductory Latin Sequence (L100, L150, L200, L250) - Wheelock, Caesar, Livy, Vergil
  • Classical Myth (Discussion)
  • Medical Terms from Greek and Latin
  • Collins Living-Learning Center: "Barbarians in Greece and Rome" (Spring, 2005)
  • Assisted with Greek Culture, Introduction to Archaeology

Knox College, Galesburg IL, Visiting Instructor (2005-2007):

  • Introductory Greek Sequence (Athenaze)
  • Roman History
  • Greek Epic (Odyssey 21, 22)
  • Herodotus (1,3)
  • War, Soldiers and Society in the Classical World
  • Greek Composition / Xenophon's Oeconomicus
  • Greek Lyric

Work Experience

  • 2003, Summer: American Academy in Rome’s Summer Archaeology Program (N. Terrenato, I. Romeo, directors)
  • 2003, 2004: Sicilian-Scandinavian Archaeological Project, Monte Polizzo, Sicily (Ian Morris, director)

Papers presented

  • April 2006: "Better Fled Than Dead: Land and Power in Herodotus 4.11" (CAMWS: 102nd Annual Meeting, Gainesville, FL)
  • April 2005: "Soldiers and Sailors: Power and Class in the Philoctetes" (CAMWS: 101st Annual Meeting, Madison WI)
  • April 2004: "Tyrtaean Trinity: Performance and Persona in Tyrtaeus Fr. 12" (CAMWS: 100th Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO)
  • March 2004: "Augustine Contra Paganos: Christian Identity and Ideology in the Dolbeau Sermons" (Indiana University Medieval Studies Symposium)