Current Students :: Graduate Program

Kenneth DraperKenneth Draper


  • M.A. 2008, Latin, Indiana University
  • B.A. 2005, Classics, Northwestern University

Academic Interests

  • Greek and Latin lyric, esp. Horace
  • Literary theory and criticism

Courses Taught

  • Greek 100 (First-Semester Greek)
  • Greek 150 (Second-Semester Greek)
  • Latin 150 (Second-Semester Latin)
  • Latin 250 (Vergil)
  • Latin 400 (Intensive Introduction to Literary Latin)
  • C209 (Medical Terminology)
  • Assisted in C101 (Greek Culture), C102 (Roman Culture), C206 (Classical Art and Archaeology)

Papers Presented

  • "Elegiac Performance and Elegiac Spectatorship in Odes 1.5." CAMWS 109th Annual Meeting (2013), Iowa City
  • "If I Did It: Plotting, Authority, and Character in Attic Defense Speeches." CAMWS 108th Annual Meeting (2012), Baton Rouge
  • "The Spoils of Peace: Hadrian's Private Leisure and Its Public Message in the Hunting Tondi." CAMWS 107th Annual Meeting (2011), Grand Rapids
  • "Epic and Epinician in Horace's Odes 3.3." CAMWS 106th Annual Meeting (2010), Oklahoma City
  • "Déjà  Vu?: Inversion in Herodotus' Stories of Croesus and Astyages." CAMWS 105th Annual Meeting (2009), Minneapolis


  • 2011 - Norman T. Pratt Traveling Fellowship, Indiana University Department of Classical Studies
  • 2011 - Mary A. Grant Award from CAMWS for participation in the Classical Summer School of the American Academy in Rome