Degree Requirements

PhD Credit Hrs + Exams

53 credit hrs course work in Greek and Latin after the M.A.
Reading proficiency in two modern languages
12-15 credit hrs in PhD minor
Reading list exams (3 hrs each) in Greek and Latin
Examinations in Greek and in Latin Literature
Special Author Examination
Dissertation (up to 28 credit hrs)

MA Credit Hrs + Exams

30 hrs course work (22 hrs in Greek and/or Latin)
Reading proficiency in one modern language (or Classical Greek)
Sight Reading Exam (2 hrs) in Latin or Greek
Literature exam for the same language

MAT Credit Hrs + Exams + teaching

60 hrs course work as below
20 hrs in Greek or Latin
6 hrs in civilization and culture
24 hrs in education classes
10 hrs supervised student teaching
Exams as for the M.A.