Current Students :: Graduate Program

Mariah Smith


  • M.A. 2009, University of Kansas
  • B.A. 2006, Willamette University

Academic Interests

  • Pliny the Younger & Martial
  • Roman literary experiences
  • Qualitative experiences of space and time
  • Roman Religion (esp. domestic/private)
  • Roman private life
  • Folklore

Papers Presented

  • "Constructing Roman Identity through the Liminality of the Lares," CAMWS 109th Annual Meeting, 2013
  • "Secrecy and Silence: Revealing the Character of the Roman Lares," CAMWS 106th Annual Meeting, 2010
  • "By the Light of the Moon: Medea and Agrarian Magic in Ovid's Metamorphoses," CAMWS 105th Annual Meeting, 2009
  • "Subverted Katabasis: Trespass, Strife, and Loss in Statius's Thebaid," CAMWS 104th Annual Meeting, 2008