Current Students

Ballantine Hall The 25 students currently resident in Bloomington represent all sections of the country, and a variety of college backgrounds including both large universities similar to ours, and small liberal arts colleges. Because of the relatively small size of our program, we are able to mentor all aspects of our students' preparation for careers in scholarship and teaching. Each year several students present papers at the Annual Meetings of CAMWS and the APA; the department offers some travel allowance to offset the cost and other funds are available competitively through the Graduate School. We are committed to the idea that all classics teachers should enjoy a first hand experience of Greek and/or Roman sites, and we encourage their participation in the Summer Sessions of the American Academy, American School of Classical Studies or appropriate field archaeology programs. Funds for the partial support of summer study abroad are available on a competitive basis from the Norman T. Pratt Travelling Fellowship Fund, but many of our students have also been awarded fellowships from CAMWS or from the summer programs themselves.

Paper Presentations: 2012 & 2013
Awards to Current students

Name & BackgroundContactInterests
Contact: 651 Ballantine Hall, 812-855-6561 unless otherwise noted
Charles Aull
B.A. University of Southern Indiana
M.A. Indiana University Roman History, Fourth Century Latin Literature
Eric Beckman
B.A. DePauw University Greek and Roman Archaeology/Material Culture, the Antiquities Trade
Laura Brant
B.A. Miami University, Ohio
M.A. Indiana University Mythology/Folklore, Augustan Age Latin Poetry, Egyptian/Cuneiform languages, Ancient Novel
Kathryn Caliva
B.A. Providence College Greek and Latin epigraphy, ancient religion, Roman Republic
Jonathan Chicken
B.A. University of Wisconsin
M.A. Indiana University Greek Lyric, Greek Historiography, Military History, Greek/Barbarian Identity
Marie Crow
B.A. Indiana University Latin pedagogy
Kenneth Draper
B.A. Northwestern University
M.A. Indiana University Greek and Latin lyric, esp. Horace; literary theory and criticism
Alan Fleming
B.A. Grand Valley State University
M.A. Indiana University Seneca, Ancient philosophy, Ancient science
Gabriella Greer
B.A. Virginia Tech Augustan Poetry, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Kyle Grothoff
B.A. Missouri State University Ancient astronomy; comparative epic; satire, didactic poetry; Indo-European poetics
Megan Grundtisch
B.A. College of Wooster Latin Pedagogy, Mythology
Margaret Hawkins
B.A. Eastern Illinois University Alexander the Great, hoplite warfare, Cicero, Roman society
Benjamin Howland
B.A. Purdue University
M.A. Purdue University Late Roman Republic, Roman slavery, Julius Caesar, Spartacus, Classical reception in modern media
Michael Holstead
B.A. Pennsylvania State University
M.A. Indiana University Archaic Greek Poetry, Greek Military History
Misti Kienzynski
B.A. University of Evansville
M.A. Indiana University Latin linguistics
Aleda Krill
M.A. Indiana University Greek and Roman religion and mythology, Lucretius, Science in the ancient world
Sean Miranda
B.A. Wright State University Late antiquity, Latin literature, Comedy
Robert Nichols
B.A. University of Nebraska
M.A. University of Colorado Athenian Legal and Social History, Greek Rhetoric and Oratory, Greek History and Historiography
Lindsey Pappas
B.A. University of Notre Dame Latin Poetry, Latin pedagogy, Sisters in Antiquity
Tom Pappas
B.A. University of Notre Dame
M.A. Indiana University Greek linguistics, Homer, and Greek military history
Jordan Rogers
B.A. Indiana University Latin Historiography and Literature, Roman Material Culture
Martin Shedd
B.A. St. Olaf College Late Imperial Historiography, Early Christian Literature, Biography
Mariah Smith
B.A. Willamette University
M.A. University of Kansas Pliny the Younger and Martial, Roman literary experiences, Qualitative experiences of space and time, Roman Religion (esp. domestic/private), Roman private life, Folklore
John Streiff
B.A. Wabash College Latin pedagogy
Sean Tandy
B.A. University of New Hampshire
M.A. Indiana University Late Antiquity, Latin poetry, early Christianity, Natural History
Erin Taylor
B.A. Earlham College
M.A. Indiana University Silver Age Latin, Classical Art and Archaeology, Gender studies
Emily Trygstad
B.A. Miami University, Ohio Middle-Republic of Rome, Julio-Claudian dynasty, Ancient Greek novels
Benjamin Unterbrink
B.A Ohio State University Latin literature, Ovid
Michael Vasta
B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University
M.A. Indiana University Greek and Roman historiography, Late Republican Roman history, Sallust, Cicero
Zachary Woolfolk
B.A. Creighton University Latin pedagogy, Latin lyric, Roman satire
Amy Yarnell
B.A. Gettysburg College
M.A. Indiana University Tacitus, Ancient Ethnography, Second Sophistic, Archaeology