Current Students :: Graduate Program

Michael Vasta


  • M.A. 2009, Latin, Indiana University
  • B.A. 2007, History and Greek and Roman Studies, Illinois Wesleyan University


  • The Crisis of Exemplarity and the Role of History in Sallust (May 2014 Defense)

Fellowships and Awards

  • 2013-14: College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Indiana University
  • 2010: Mary A. Sollman Scholarship, American Academy in Rome

Academic Interests

  • Greek and Roman Historiography
    • Sallust, Cicero
  • Late Republican Roman history

Courses taught

Indiana University Department of Classical Studies, Associate Instructor (2007-)

  • Introductory Latin Sequence (L100, L150, L200, L250): Wheelock, Aulus Gellius, Vergil
  • Advanced Introductory Latin Sequence (L300): Wheelock
  • Assisted in Classical Mythology, Greek Civilization


  • Review of Rolfe, J. C. and John T. Ramsey (trans.; ed., rev.). Sallust, I: The war with Catiline; The war with Jugurtha (forthcoming in Bryn Mawr Classical Review)

Papers presented

  • October 2006: "The Forging of a God: Alexander at Siwah" (CAAS Annual Meeting: Baltimore, MD)
  • April 2008: "The Arrival of Berenice in Rome and the Execution of Helvidius Priscus" (CAMWS 104th Annual Meeting: Tucson, AZ)
  • March 2012: "Thucydidean Stasis in the Bellum Jugurthinum of Sallust" (CAMWS 108th Annual Meeting: Baton Rouge, LA)
  • October 2012: "O tempora, O mores! Re-examining Roman Decline in Post 9/11 America" (Invited speaker, Illinois Wesleyan University Ides Program: Bloomington, IL)
  • April 2014: “Sallust and the Outsiders: The Role of Audiences in the Histories” (CAMWS 110th Annual Meeting: Waco, TX)

Programs Abroad

  • Classical Summer School of the American Academy in Rome, Summer 2010