Classical Studies Abroad


Have you seen pictures of temples like these in your classes? Have you read about gladiators fighting in the colosseum? Ever wondered how those Mediterranean breezes felt to Odysseus as he sailed from Troy? Or whether you could really see the snow on Soracte from Rome?


Experience Greece and Rome for yourself. Many study abroad programs offer courses that fulfill degree requirements, so you can continue working towards graduation while you travel. Whether in the summer or during the semester, there are good options. And the Department of Classical Studies offers scholarships that support study and travel abroad. For more information, consult with the Academic Advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Classical Studies.



Study Abroad Programs


Classical Studies majors can study abroad through programs run by IU and by other institutions.IUís Overseas Study Office has information about both IU and external programs,


Students who participate in IUís year-long exchange program in Bologna have an opportunity to take Classics courses in Italy where they can also visit museums and ancient sites.In the past, double majors (Italian and Classics) have enjoyed this program!


The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome is known for its challenging semester-long program that is built around a double course in the City of Rome, taught on site.  Students also take two other courses, choosing from Greek, Latin, Italian, or Art History.  Admission is competitive, so you should have a strong background in at least one Classical language as well as Roman history and culture.  There is now also an ICCS program in Sicily where there is a rich tradition of both Greek and Roman civilization, including some of the best preserved Greek temples and theaters. Scholarships are available and some financial aid.  Visit the ICCS website for more information about programs in Rome and Sicily


College Year in Athens offers, year-long, semester, and summer programs in Athens.CYA courses include archaeology and art history taught on site as well as language and culture. The IU Overseas Study hosts a website with information about College year in Athens,


Loyola University in Chicago has a Rome Center where you can study for a semester or for the summer.Loyola also offers an archaeology course taught on site in Rome, and some Latin language instruction, as well as courses in a range of other areas.To find out more about the Loyola Rome Center, visit their website,



Other types of travel and study experience


In addition to academic programs, you can pursue your interest in Classics by participating in an archaeological field school.These programs vary widely, so you should consult with professors and other students who have participated in the program before you apply. Every year, the Archaeological Institute of America publishes a list Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities,available on line at


American School of Classical Studies at Athens offers a summer program that gives students an intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period.Undergraduates participate in this program alongside graduate students and teachers from high schools and colleges.Details about the programs and application are online,


The American Academy in Rome has three different summer programs, focusing on Archaeology, Roman Pottery, and the history of the city of Rome, respectively.These programs†† are usually restricted to graduate students and Latin teacher, though the especially qualified applicants are accepted.Detailed information about the programs and application procedures is available online,