The Department of Classical Studies offers courses in ancient Greek, Latin, and classical civilization. Below are listed all the Classical Studies courses currently appearing in the College of Arts and Science’s Undergraduate Bulletin.

Ancient Greek Courses
Latin Courses
Classical Civilization Courses

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G100 Elementary Greek I (4 cr.)
G150 Elementary Greek II (4 cr.)
G200 Greek Prose: Pagans and Christians (3 cr.)
G250 Greek Poetry: Homer (3 cr.)
G301-G302 Classical Greek: Accelerated Course I-II (5-5 cr., undergrad.; 3-3 cr., grad.)
G305 Greek Tragedy (3 cr.) A & H
G306 Greek Oratory (3 cr.) A & H
G307 Selected Works of Plato (3 cr.) A & H
G308 Readings in Biblical Greek (3 cr.) A & H
G406 Homer (3 cr.) A & H
G407 Greek Historians (3 cr.) A & H
G410 Greek Prose Authors (3 cr.) A & H
G411 Greek Comedy (3 cr.) A & H
G495 Individual Reading in Greek (1-3 cr.)


L100 Elementary Latin I (4 cr.)
L103 Intermediate Latin (4 cr.)
L150 Elementary Latin II (4 cr.)
L200 Second-Year Latin I (3 cr.)
L250 Second-Year Latin II (3 cr.)
L300 Intensive Introduction to Classical and Medieval Latin (4 cr.)
L304 Catullus (3 cr.) A & H
L305 Ovid (3 cr.) A & H
L307 Cicero (3 cr.) A & H
L308 Caesar (3 cr.) A & H
L400 Intensive Study of Literary Latin (4 cr., undergrad.; 3 cr., grad.)

400-Level Latin Courses:  Prerequisites for the following 400-level courses: two courses chosen from L305, L307, L308, L309, and L310 or the equivalent.

L407 Roman Lyric and Elegy (3 cr.)
L408 Roman Comedy (3 cr.)
L409 Readings in Medieval Latin (3 cr.)
L410 Advanced Prose Composition (3 cr.)
L423 Roman Satire (3 cr.)
L424 Silver Age Historians (3 cr.)
L426 Rhetoric and Oratory (3 cr.)
L427 Virgil's Eclogues and Georgics (3 cr.).
L428 Advanced Study of Virgil's Aeneid (3 cr.)
L429 Roman Letters (3 cr.)
L430 Lucretius (3 cr.)
L432 Livy (3 cr.)
L495 Individual Reading in Latin (1-3 cr.)


Classical civilization courses (except C399 and C499) require no knowledge of the Greek or Latin language.

C101 Ancient Greek Culture (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C102 Roman Culture (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C205 Classical Mythology (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C206 (Fine Arts A206) Classical Art and Archaeology (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C209 Medical Terms from Greek and Latin (2 cr.)
C308 Roman Law (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C310 Classical Drama (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C311 Classical Epics (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C350 Greek Literature in Translation (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C351 The Golden Age of Athens (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C360 Roman Literature in Translation (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C361 The Golden Age of Rome (3 cr.) A & H
C395 Topics in Classical Art and Archaeology (3 cr.)
C396 Classical Studies Abroad (1-9 cr.)
C399 Reading for Honors (12 cr. max.)
C405 Comparative Mythology (3 cr., undergrad.; 4 cr., grad.) A & H
C409 Roman Literature and Art (3 cr.) A & H
C412 (FINA A412) The Art and Archaeology of the Aegean (3 cr., undergrad.; 4 cr., grad.) A & H
C413 (FINA A413) The Art and Archaeology of Greece (3 cr., undergrad.; 4 cr., grad.) A & H
C414 (FINA A414) The Art and Archaeology of Rome (3 cr., undergrad.; 4 cr., grad.) A & H
C416 Ovidian Mythology and Its Tradition (3 cr.) A & H
C419 The Art and Archaeology of Pompeii (3 cr., undergrad.; 4 cr., grad.) A & H
C420 Topography and Monuments of Athens (3 cr.) A & H
C421 Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome (3 cr.) A & H
C422 Greek Sculpture (3 cr.)
C423 Ancient Painting (3 cr.)
C491 Topics in Classical Studies (3 cr.)
C494 Problems in Classical Civilization (3 cr.)
C495 Individual Reading in Classics (1-3 cr.)
C498 Internship in Classical Studies (1-3 cr.)
C499 Reading for Honors (12 cr. max.)

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