Department of Classical Studies

Placement in Greek and Latin Courses

“Special Credit” or Credit by Examination

Greek Placement

Placement in Greek courses is made in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate
Studies, Department of Classical Studies. A placement exam may be arranged when

Latin Placement

Students who have studied Latin in high school should take the online Latin Placement Exam at IUB to determine which Latin course is right for them. For information about the Placement Exam, follow the links below.

About Placement Exams:­-student/testing.cfm

Accessing online Placement exams:

Scale for Latin Placement Exam Score Placement

0-­-50 L100
51-­-70 L150
71-­-80 L200
81-­-90 L250
91-­-100 L3xx (Any 300 level course)

Students who have taken the Advanced Placement Latin Exam may use their score on
that exam for placement instead of taking the Latin Placement Exam at IUB.

Scale for the AP Latin Exam Score Placement

3 L200
4-­-5 L3xx (Any 300 level course)

Special Credit

To earn special credit, students must take the Latin Placement test at IUB or the AP Latin exam, complete a validating course on the IUB campus at the level into which the student placed (or higher) with a grade of C or better, and apply for the special credit at the Department of Classical Studies, Ballantine Hall 547.

For more information about Special Credit, consult the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin,

Other question? Send email to Professor Margaretha Kramer-­-Hajos, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Classical Studies,

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