Fall 2008; MWF 10:10-11am

Room: PY 109



Instructor Information

Dr. Michael Jones

Office: PY 357

Office Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm

Office Phone: 856-1490

Email: jonesmn@indiana.edu


Associate Instructor

Joshua Clarkson

Office: PY A220

Office Hours: Wed 11-noon

Email: jjclarks@indiana.edu








Oatbran...a way around the Mac Office 08 flaw


Tables and calculators:


online demos/tutorials:




statistical software:

    • StatCrunch (Online data analysis)...not sure if it’s still free
    • Statlets  – an "online statistical computing center" providing access to over 50 applets in which you can enter data, compute statistics, create tables and graphs, and print out the results
    • OpenEpi Version 2.2 – a little bit more geared to medical sciences, but it does the trick
    • Statistics Online Computational Resource – Java interactive statistical calculators with spreadsheet for input, graphing packages, experiments, and game simulations (UCLA)
    • Simple Interactive Statistical Analyses (SISA) – Nice online forms for immediate analyses, but it doesn’t really take raw data per se, but rather descriptive stats

misc resources: