Fall 2008

Lecture: Tues/Thurs 4-5:15pm; PY 230

Lab: Wed 1:25-2:15pm, HPER





Instructor Information

Dr. Michael Jones

Office: PY 357

Office Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm

Phone: 856-1490

Email: jonesmn@indiana.edu



Associate Instructor

Gabriel Recchia

Office: PY 174

Office Hours: By Appointment

Email: grecchia@indiana.edu



Cognitive Science Links:



Unit Normal (p-to-z) table

Unit Normal calculator (Javascript with interactive graph)

Another simple Unit Normal calculator

Critical values: Student's t   [table 1] [table 2]

Compute critical values for the F-distribution

Another critical F-value calculator

Critical values of F-distribution table

Critical values of the Chi-Squared Distribution


 SPSS and Online Texts:

SPSS Inc Homepage - support page includes a searchable database of solutions (login using "guest" as User name and Password)


SPSS Tutorial (MIT Data Center)

SPSS Learning Resources (UCLA)

Hyperstat Online Statistics Textbook

Rice Online Statistical Demos

Java Applets to Visualize Statistical Concepts

Wikibook of Statistics, Probability, and Data Analysis

Wikiversity: Intro to Statistics , Probability and Statistics and Intro to Research Courses

A table of formulae and critical values:  FRONT   BACK


Matlab, etc.:

MATLAB overview, at The MathWorks website

MATLAB Tutorial at UITS

Free Alternatives to MATLAB


APA Style links:  Library/APA Style Links


Full Text Online Journals @ IU

APA Style Resources



deling Links

Misc Modeling Resources:

IU Cognitive Science Demo Software

Cognitive Science Society: Virtual Colloquium Series

What Does it Mean to Model Cognitive (Psychonomic Symposium)

Math Psyc Symposium on Model Selection Techniques

Software for Demonstrating Complex Adaptive Systems (Goldstone Lab)

Ian Neath's Online Tutorials  (Java illustrations of classic memory models)

PDP++ Software Homepage

SNNAP Software Homepage 

Exemplar sets we will use in class 


DMDX Experiment Software:

DMDX Webpage

Download DMDX


Microsoft DirectX (DMDX needs this installed to handle screen presentation)

Tutortials on using DMDX

BRM paper describing DMDX