Selected Mondays @ 4pm

Room 101, Psychological and Brain Sciences


Organizer: Mike Jones

Office: PY 357

Phone: 856-1490




Spring 2012 Schedule:

Updated 1/4/2012



Brian Scassellati, Yale University

  Title: Using Human-Robot Interactions to Study Human-Human Social Behavior
2/27/12: Kevin Gluck, Air Force Research Laboratory
  Title: Exploring Methods for Exploring Models
3/19/12: John Spencer, University of Iowa
  Title: The Integration Challenge in Cognitive Science and the Promise of Embodied Neural Dynamics
3/26/12: Ted Gibson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Title: The communicative basis of word order

Bob Glushko, University of Californi at Berkeley
Title: The Discipline of Organizing

4/23/12: Elke Weber, Columbia University
  Title: Query Theory: Knowing What We Want by Arguing with Ourselves