Fall 2009 Schedule

Updated 8/10/09



Mark McDaniel, Washington University in St. Louis

  Title: Individual Differences in Learning and Transfer: Stable Tendencies for Learning Exemplars versus Abstracting Rules

9/14/09 Veit Stuphorn, Johns Hopkins University
  Title: Should I go? Medial frontal cortex and the decision whether or not to act
10/12/09 Mark Steyvers, University of California, Irvine
  Title: Wisdom of Crowds: Aggregating Retrieved Memories across Individuals
10/19/09 Michelene Chi, Arizona State University
  Title: Ways to Optimize Student Learning: A Learner-centered approach
10/26/09 Michael Mozer, University of Colorado
  Title: A probabilistic perspective on cognitive control
11/2/09 Kim Plunkett, Oxford University
  Title: How infants build a semantic system: Lexical-Semantic Priming in Early Lexical Development