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Room 101, Psychological and Brain Sciences


Organizer: Mike Jones

Office: PY 357

Phone: 856-1490




Fall 2011 Schedule

Updated 8/15/2011



Ken McRae, University of Western Ontario

  Title: Semantic and Associative Relations: Examining a Tenuous Dichotomy
9/19/11: Rick Dale, University of California, Merced
  Title: Syncing and adapting: Multimodal coordination in human interaction
9/26/11: Jeremy Wolfe, Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital
  Title: From the berry patch to the radiology suite: Adventures in visual search
10/10/11: Michael Ramscar, University of Tuebingen
  Title: Discrimination, prediction and language: The importance of being wrong
10/24/11: Jeff Krichmar, University of California, Irvine
  Title: Neuromodulation as a Brain-Inspired Strategy for Controlling Autonomous Robots and a Means to Investigate Social Cognition during Human-Robot Interactions
10/31/11: Kenneth Forbus, Northwestern University
  Title: CogSketch: Sketch understanding for cognitive science research and for education
11/7/11: Ray Jackendoff, Tufts University
  Title: The Peculiar Logic of Value
11/28/11: Anthony Chemero, Franklin & Marshall College
  Title: Interaction-Dominant Dynamics, Phenomenology, and Extended Cognition