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Room 101, Psychological and Brain Sciences


Organizer: Mike Jones

Office: PY 357

Phone: 856-1490




Spring 2010 Schedule

Updated 1/3/2010


1/25/10 Sian Beilock, University of Chicago
  Title: Expert Performance: From Action to Perception to Understanding


Mary Hayhoe, University of Texas at Austin

  Title: Adaptive control of attention and gaze in the natural world.
3/22/10 Lynn Nadel, University of Arizona
  Title: The Hippocampus and Memory
3/29/10 Lawrence Marks, Yale University
4/5/10 Asif Ghazanfar, Princeton University
  Title: Vocal communication through coupled oscillations: substrates for the evolution of speech.
4/19/10 Teenie Matlock, University of California, Merced
5/3/10 Xiaojin Zhu, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Some Machine Learning Models for Human Learning
Special Location: Conference Room, MSB II Rm 102