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Room 101, Psychological and Brain Sciences


Organizer: Mike Jones

Office: PY 357

Phone: 856-1490




Spring 2011 Schedule

Updated 4/10/2011


1/24/11 Hod Lipson, Cornell University
  Title: Self-Reflective Machines
1/31/11 Peter Dayan, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London
  Title: Computational Psychiatry: When Good Decisions Go Bad


Ken McRae, University of Western Ontario

  Title: Semantic and Associative Relations: Examining a Tenuous Dichotomy CANCELED
3/21/11 Lawrence Barsalou, Emory University
  Title: Grounding Knowledge in the Brain's Modal Systems
4/4/11 Susan Goldin-Meadow, University of Chicago
  Title: How Our Hands Help Us Think
4/11/11 Jordan Green, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  Title: Developing Speech: A motor-centric interactionist approach.
4/18/11 John O'Doherty, CalTech
  Title: Delineating the neural circuits underlying goal-directed and habitual behavior control in the human brain.
4/25/11 Russell Epstein, University of Pennsylvania
  Title: From scenes to cognitive maps: place recognition in the human brain