Course Meeting Time: 4:00-5:30pm Monday - Room PY 101, Psychological and Brain Sciences (Psychology)


Note: Even though the room is officially reserved from 3:35-5:30, all colloquia take place from 4:00pm - 5:00pm with 15-30 minutes of additional questions & discussion.


The Cognitive Science Colloquium Series consists of two components:


1. Invited colloquia (see schedule). Typically, we expect about 3-5 of these colloquia per semester. They all take place in PY 101 unless otherwise specified.


2. Student colloquia. These talks are given by students taking Q733 as part of their PhD requirements. In length and form, these talks should be similar to the colloquia given by invited speakers. They also take place in PY 101 (alternatively, they may be part of the Cognitive Lunch Series). If you are taking Q733 for credit, please make arrangements about the talk as soon as possible (contact


The joint PhD in Cognitive Science requires that students take Q733 for credit in one semester. Students taking the course for credit will be expected to give a colloquium on their research in the context of the Q733 colloquium series. The research covered may be from any stage of the student's career, including (but not restricted to) their thesis research. This colloquium will be advertised to the Indiana University Cognitive Science community. Two cognitive science faculty members will evaluate/grade the talk. One of these faculty members should be the student's advisor. The other faculty member is chosen by the student, but should not be directly connected with the student's lab or research. Grading of the colloquia is satisfactory / fail (S/F). All students enrolled in Q733, for credit or not, will be expected to attend at least 75% of the invited colloquia. All students need to sign the attendance sheet available at each invited colloquium. At least 75% attendance is a "satisfactory," less than 75% is a "fail".


Final Grades: Students taking Q733 for credit: A grade of "fail" in the student colloquium leads to a "fail" overall. A "satisfactory" in the student colloquium and 75% attendance leads to a "satisfactory". Students not taking Q733 for credit: 75% attendance leads to a "satisfactory". Less than 75% attendance leads to a "fail". Conflicts with Other Colloquia: Sometimes other relevant colloquia are scheduled at the same time as a Q733 talk. If there is a competing talk scheduled at the same time as a cognitive science colloquium and you wish to attend it, you can contact me and we can discuss it (


(N.B.: for medical excuses and any other scheduling conflicts please contact me at