The Cognitive Computing Lab is located on the top floor of the Hillcrest Psychology Research Center at 674 E. Cottage Grove Ave [Directions] (Phone: 855-5604).

The lab is equipped with 10 individual subject testing rooms with Dell computers to run behavioral experiments; these testing rooms are shared with the ABC lab. If you are looking for an experiment, go to the hallway to find the experimenter (or look in the kitchen/conference room). The main CC Lab area with postdoc and grad student offices is located in suite 300, at the end of the hallway. It is well equiped with simulation workstations.

We also have a new SR Research Eyelink 2K remote optics high-speed eye tracker for experiments in reading and visual attention tracking. The system allows both monocular and binocular tracking at up to 2000Hz (a data point every half millisecond!).





The lab is well-equipped with computational clusters for simulation work, and we do most of our large-scale simulations on Indiana's supercomputers, most notably Big Red, and the Libra and Quarry clusters. Big Red is currently the nation's largest academic supercomputer. We also have access to the national Teragrid resource, which includes supercomputers in San Diego and Pittsburgh.

We will be recruiting undergraduate research assistants for next semester. Click here to see the flyer.