Michael N. Jones, Ph.D., Lab Director [CV]

Mike completed his graduate work at Queen's University in Canada and then spent two years as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado. In 2006, he moved to Indiana University where he is currently Associate Professor of Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Informatics.

Mike's research can be broadly defined as computational approaches to human language and memory, and artificial intelligent systems.

Jon Willits, Ph.D., Postdoc

Jon completed his undergraduate work at the University of Nebraska, his Master's at UC Riverside, and his Ph.D. with Mark Seidenberg and Jenny Saffran at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jon's research focuses on studying the statistical structure of the lexicon in both infants and adults, and in using computational models to understand the cognitive mechanisms that would produce this mental structure given the structure of input.

Tim Rubin, Ph.D, Postdoc

Tim completed his undergraduate work at Tufts University and his Ph.D. with Mark Steyvers at the University of California, Irvine. Tim's research focuses on machine learning and cognitive modeling, with a focus on Bayesian Topic models for document tagging and creating ontologies, and clinical applications of machine classification. He is leading the CCL's role in the multisite Neurosynthesis project.

Jessica Montag, Ph.D., Postdoc

Jessica did her undergraduate work at UC Berkeley, and her Ph.D. under Maryellen MacDonald at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jessica is interested in the relationship between language production and language comprehension, and how learning about the regularities in one of these domains informs our understanding of the other. She condsiders a number of factors that seem to motivate sentence production and comprehension, including animacy, phrase length, visual salience and message properties (e.g., topic/focus of the sentence) in a variety of studies with adults and children.

Brent Kievit-Kylar, Ph.D., Postdoc

Brent completed his undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science and Computing Science at Queen's University and completed his PhD in the lab in 2014 leading the NSF-funded Semantic Pictionary Project to explore cognitive mechanisms of integrating multisensory data with corpus-based computational models. He is also leading our work on model-based guided retrieval systems in collaboration with Jeff Karpicke's lab at Purdue.

Tom Gruenenfelder, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Tom is an Adjunct Professor and in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences and a Research Scientist in David Pisoni's Speech Research Laboratory (SRL). He has been leading projects joining SRL and CCL in understanding the statistical properties of the mental lexicon, reverse engineering semantic structure from converging behavioral data, and understanding the relationship between auditory and visual word recognition.


Sean Matthews, B.Sc., Graduate Student (PhD5)

Sean completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at UC Riverside. He began the joint program in Cognitive Science and Psychology in 2008. Sean's interests are in computational models of learning from contextual redundancy, and he is currently working on a project modeling semantic fluency patterns in Schizophrenia.

Greg Cox, B.Sc., Graduate Student (PhD4)

Greg completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland. He began the PhD program in cognitive psychology at IU in 2008 working jointly with CCL and Rich Shiffrin's Memory and Perception Lab. Greg's interests are very diverse, ranging from computational models of learning and memory to automated music composition.

Melody Dye, B.Sc., Graduate Student (PhD2)

Melody completed her undergraduate work at Stanford University in Michael Ramscar's lab. She began the PhD program in Cognitive Science in the fall of 2011 working jointly with CCL and Rich Shiffrin's Memory and Perception Lab. Melody's research focuses on mechanisms of language learning in children and adults, and higher-order linguistic processing.

Megan Harsh, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Megan is in her second year of undergraduate studies at IU. She is majoring in Spanish and Anthropology, and has been working in the lab since spring of 2012. Megan is interested in language, social psychology, and gender.

Cotie Long, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cotie is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science with a minor in Linguistics at IU. She is involved in the CCL Lab's research on artificial grammar learning.

Greylor Walston, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Greylor started as a research assistant in the CCL lab Spring of 2012 and has also worked in Rich Shiffrin’s Memory and Perception lab. He will graduate in the Fall (2013) with a B.S. in Psychology.


Kate Samson, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kate Samson is a sophomore in cognitive science and philosophy. Her current research project investigates how the surrounding linguistic environment affects word memory. She hopes to explore many curiosities in cognitive science, including memory, neural networks, and music cognition. One of Kate’s future goals is to utilize the knowledge she collects in cognitive science for cross-cultural conflict resolution.

Lauren Jones, Experiment Tester

Lauren is interested in statistical language learning and perceptual integration from a first-person perspective. To date, she is Dr. Jones' most biologically plausible neural network ever programmed. How exactly she works is still somewhat of a mystery though.


Brendan Johns, Ph.D. 2012

Brendan completed his undergraduate work at Queen's University in Computing Science and Cognitive Science. Brendan's interests are in the area of learning and memory, computational models of cognition, word recognition, integrating perceptual and linguistic information, and simulating language evolution. Brendan received a joint PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science through the lab in 2012.

Brendan is now an NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queen's University with Doug Mewhort.

Gabriel Recchia, Ph.D. 2012

Gabe completed his undergraduate work at Stanford University in Symbolic Systems. In 2007 he began the Ph.D. program in Cognitive Science at IU and joined the CC Lab. His work has focused on designing simple scalable models for semantic abstraction, modeling abstract concept representation, and on desiginign games to promote positive habits. He received his PhD in Cognitive Science from the lab in 2012.

Gabe is now a postdoctoral fellow with Max Louwerse at the Institite for Intelligent Systems.

Brian Riordan, Ph.D. 2009

Dr. Riordan was both a graduate student and postdoc in the lab from 2006-2009. He earned his PhD in Cognitive Science and Computational Linguistics in 2008, and was then a NICHD and FRSP funded postdoctoral fellow conducting computer simulations to better understand 1) the role of perceptual grounding in linguistic learning, and 2) how semantic models can be used to understand developmental trajectories in children.

Brian is now Modeling and Simulation Scientist at Aptima Human-Centered Engineering.

Vanessa Taler, Ph.D.

Dr. Taler completed her MA in Linguistics at McGill University and her PhD in Neuropsychology at the University of Montreal. From 2007-2009 she was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab, leading a study joining us with Andy Saykin's neuroimaging group in the IU School of Medicine to study computational models of semantic memory degradation in patients with Alzheimer's disease (Funded by FRSP and NIH-CTR).

Vanessa is now Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Ottawa

Andreas Wilke, Ph.D.

Dr. Wilke completed his graduate work at the Free University of Berlin, and has since been a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and at at UCLA. In 2008-09 Andreas led a project jointly with the CC Lab and Peter Todd's ABC Lab on modeling reaction time distributions from subjects searching semantic memory.

Andreas is now Assistant Professor of Psychology at Clarkson University

Thomas Hills, Ph.D.

Thomas led an FRSP-funded project from 2007-2009 jointly with the CLC Lab and Peter Todd's ABC Lab on modeling the process of search in semantic memory

Thomas is now Associate Professor at the University of Warwick.