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Undergraduate Education

Courses offered

  • G107: Physical Systems of the Environment
  • G109: Weather and Climate
  • G250: Computer Methods
  • G304: Physical Climatology
  • G338: Geographic Information Science
  • G350: Field Methods in Physical Geography
  • G405: Ecological Climatology
  • G444: Climate Change Impacts
  • G450: Readings and Research
  • G451: Water Resources: Semi-arid Environments
  • G460: Internship
  • G477: Topics in Climatology
  • G488: Applied Spatial Statistics
  • G489: Advanced Geospatial Data Analysis

College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin 2011-2012 Course Descriptions

Be a major

You can obtain a transcriptable degree (B.S. or B.A.) in climate and envioronmental change. Here are the requirements:

Recent Internships:

USGS Western Ecological Research Center, Sacramento, California
WAVY-TV, Norfolk, Virginia
Peak Oil Task Force, Bloomington
CIPEC, Indiana University
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), St. George’s, Bermuda
Community and Family Resources Department, Bloomington
Caddo Springs Permaculture Park, Clarksville, AR
Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Lake Monroe, IN
City of Indianapolis Planning Department
WLS-TV ABC 7, Chicago
Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission, Ferdinand, IN
WRTV 6, Indianapolis
Bloomington Economic Development Corporation
Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Bloomington
WLFI TV 18, Lafayette, IN
WTHR 13, Indianapolis
Ever Laughter Organic Farm, Hillsborough, NC
Milhon Air, Martinsville, IN
Nothing but Nature Organic Gardens, Oakwood, OH
National Weather Service, Indianapolis
Cloud Forest School, Monteverde, Costa Rica
WEHT ABC 25, Evansville, IN
City of Bloomington
WSBT TV, South Bend, IN
WFIE TV NBC 14, Evansville, IN