When we review applications we place great emphasis on maximizing the fit between the prospective student’s interests, the mentor’s research program, the clinical science philosophy of the program, and the interdisciplinary nature of the department.

We certainly consider undergraduate GPA and GRE scores, but we also heavily consider many other factors, particularly previous research experience. For instance, all of the prospective students we consider for interviews have engaged in primary research before applying to graduate school. In fact, a majority of the prospective students we bring in for interviews have worked in post-baccalaureate research settings. We especially look for persons who show intellectual curiosity, who have a good background in mathematics and the sciences, and who have a realistic understanding of what is involved in psychological research.

First Step: Find a faculty member whose research aligns with your interest

If you are interested in applying, please email to inquire about whether particular faculty members will be recruiting students and the possibility of gaining the appropriate research, application, and dissemination training.

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Additional information on the general application process can be found on the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences website and The College of Art + Sciences website.