Core Clinical Faculty

John E. Bates
Development of children’s behavior problems and competencies; Family interaction processes; Child temperament, social, cognitive and affective characteristics; Socioeconomic variables.

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Brittany Brothers
Clinical Health Psychology, Dissemination, Implementation.

Brian D’Onofrio
Developmental Psychopathology, Behavior Genetics, Family Systems, and Children’s Intellectual Abilities: causes of child and adolescent psychopathology and adjustment through two main approaches: genetically informed designs and longitudinal analyses.

Peter R. Finn
Alcoholism, behavioral dysregulation, personality and antisocial behavior


Julia Heiman
Human sexuality, Kinsey Institute

William Hetrick
Schizophrenia, sensory perception, electrophysiology

Amy Holtzworth-Munroe
Marital violence

Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces
Psychotherapy for depression: outcomes, processes, and moderators; intersection of stepped care and personalized medicine for depression; history and classification of major depressive disorder; treatment of bipolar II depression

Richard J. Viken
Behavioral genetics, cognition and psychopathology

Emeritus Professors

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Richard M. McFall
Social competence, psychopathology


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Richard J. Rose
Behavior genetics, Behavioral medicine, Childhood precursors of alcoholism, Twin-family research


Brian F. O’Donnell
Schizophrenia, neurophysiology.

Adjunct Faculty

Cara Lewis
Depression, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dissemination, Implementation

Associated Faculty

PBS Department Faculty supporting students with a clinical interest include (but are not limited to):

Josh Brown 

Develop computational models of brain circuitry involved in cognitive control; test computational model predictions with fMRI; investigate the neural bases of cognitive impairment in psychopathology, especially substance abuse and schizophrenia, using fMRI and computational modeling

Dan Kennedy

Social neuroscience; autism spectrum disorders; social perception; eye tracking; brain connectivity; functional MRI

Tom James

Visual and haptic perception; object recognition; cross-sensory integration; priming and adaptation; functional neuroimaging