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Arts Council

Arts Council is a great way to get involved with the arts here at Collins. Arts Council provides funding for student programs, maintains several studios that are available to all Collinsites, and produces several different events and publications.

To get involved with Arts Council, to receive funding for programs, or to meet the Arts Council coordinators, come to our meetings! They are typically every other Sunday at 4:00 PM in the Coffeehouse. Check the Collins Calendar for the specific dates.

To get involved with the different studios, publications, and events, get in touch with our student coordinators! Also follow Arts Council on Instagram @collinsartscouncil.

Kevin KuoKevin Kuo, Chair

I'm a senior studying chemistry and I'm also in the Liberal Arts & Management Program (LAMP). A couple of my hobbies include photography, hiking, cooking, and playing trombone and piano. In my free time, I like to head to the Collins ceramics studio and attempt to use the wheel. This picture of me was taken at Yosemite National Park while I was on a geology field course in the Eastern Sierra Nevada.

Lucas HatcherStephón Gilder, Vice Chair

Hi! My name is Stephón, and I am a junior studying Anthropology. Yes I play the cello, I have been playing for about seven and a half years. If you ever go to Cravens 1 you may here me sometimes. I also enjoy singing which I have done for about 10 years, though I don't do much of that anymore. I love hanging out with friends, reading, or doing something with music in my spare time. This picture was taken of me last summer during my internship with the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Greater Indianapolis.