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Caroline Doyle: Ceramics Co-Coordinator

Hi! I'm Caroline Doyle and I'm the other ceramics coordinator. I'm a sophomore studying nonprofit management with a minor in studio arts. I've been doing ceramics since middle school, and I love wheel throwing and experimenting with glazes. My open hours are Tuesdays from 8-10pm. We also have a Facebook page that you can follow for updates:

Caroline Ferguson: Ceramics Co-Coordinator

Hello! I'm Caroline Ferguson, one of the Ceramics Co-Coordinators. I'm a big fan of honeybees, coffee, and history here at Collins. In the studio, you'll find everything you'll ever need to create all types of ceramic art! We have a kiln, six wheels, tools, glazes and two awesome coordinators who can help you with any project you'd like! We hold events and train students all throughout the year, so feel free to stop by anytime!