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Persis Wade

Hello sunshines! My name is Persis and I am one of the ceramic co-cordinators. I am a sophomore studying ceramics in the BFA program! I am here to serve you and inspire you to create art! I like ceramics because it connects you to the Earth and allows you to percieve the world in a temporary, yet wondrous aspect. You have an amazing identity that imprints on each pot you create- your fingerprints are embedded in that piece forever because ceramics last forever! Drinking coffee out of one of your own mugs or cereal out of a bowl is just a small piece of satisfaction. You can create anything that you want, literally through mud, and the outcome is something physically beautiful. Go to to clay world and find yourself! This is a really cool place to explore and go on an adventure with the artist within. Come hang!! Have questions about anything at all? I have answers


Cally Wilken

Hey guys! My name is Cally and I'm a Ceramics Co-Coordinator here at Collins. I'm majoring in Environmental Management and minoring in Law and Public Policy at SPEA. I've been doing ceramic arts since high school and it is definitely one of my favorite hobbies next to drinking entirely too much coffee for my own good. If you want to get involved with the studio, feel free to email me at!