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As Collins students, you have access to a wonderful textiles studio! In the studio we have looms for weaving, sewing machines, and plenty of supplies for knitting. If you’re curious about textiles, looking to get on the key list, thinking about doing a textile-related event for your Q project, or just want to hang out, come see the coordinator during open hours! Some tentative programs during the year include a weaving workshop with a local artist, an alternative tie-dye workshop using traditional resist dyeing techniques, and possibly some educational opportunities in coordination with our IU Textiles department in the School of Fine Arts.

Libby Robinette: Textiles Coordinator

Hi guys, my name is Libby! I’m a junior in Collins officially studying biology, and unofficially obsessed with textiles. Textile art has been my longstanding hobby since middle school, and my love has only grown broader and deeper since coming to IU now that I’m able to take actual college courses in textiles! Other loves of mine include, but are not limited to: memes, The X Files, tiny baby shoes, Grey’s Anatomy, and eggs. (Note: If you see me around with blue hands, don’t worry, I haven’t been murdering smurfs. I work for one of our IU Textiles professors and part of my job includes dyeing things with natural indigo!)

You can contact me at, I’d love to hear from you!