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Lucy Burton: Visual Arts Coordinator

Hello! My name is Lucy Burton and I'm your Visual Arts Coordinator for this year. Let me introduce myself! I am a sophomore here at Collins. I am an Art major with minors in French and Arts Management. I've dabbled in quite a few of the visual arts over my time alive; as a kid my favorite mediums were pen and paper, and perler beads. Since then I've worked in paint, sharpie, charcoal, collage, knitting, woodwork and jewelry making, embroidery, and various high quality pinterest crafts. The studio is a small space, but we have various paints and brushes, canvases, plaster of paris, and the crown jewel of visual arts studio: a screen printer. Perfect for all your t-shirt and poster making needs (or what ever suits your fancy)!

Let me know if you want be on the key list for the studio, and we'll set up a time to get you trained! My email is