Indiana University Bloomington

Board of Educational Programming

BOEP is a student group that all Collinsites are welcome to join throughout the semester. We meet bi-weekly and fund educational programs for the community, such as fireside chats and professor dinners. Additionally, BOEP is also in charge of selecting the Collins courses. Since taking a Collins course is a residency requirement, BOEP takes great care in assessing each course that comes through us in a series of interviews and meetings. We make sure that each course meets the needs of incoming students and provides a quality educational experience.

We're looking forward to selecting a whole new set of courses this semester and are always eager to have new members. Student input is very valuable to us, as we strive to put forth the best and most engaging courses out for Collinsites to take.

BOEP is currently accepting course consultations from potential instructors. If you have any BOEP inquiries, please send them along to and

BOEP Co-Chair: Jennifer Braun

Hi! My name is Jennifer Braun and I am one of your BoEP Co-Chairs this year. I am a Junior studying Speech and Hearing Sciences and German. I am also minoring in Linguistics and Second Language Studies. When I'm not in class or studying you can usually find me hanging out with dog Apollo or binge watching Criminal Minds or Greys Anatomy. I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have about BoEP! 

BOEP Co-Chair: Audrey Hood


Hey there everybody! My name is Audrey Hood. I’m a sophomore majoring in French and International Studies. My favorite activities include contra dancing, swing dancing, reading Senegalese novels and the New Yorker, and writing mostly mundane, but sometimes entertaining, stories. Always happy to answer questions about BOEP and/or grab a cup of coffee!