Indiana University Bloomington

Board of Educational Programming


Hello Collinsites! My name is Nathan Abbott, I am one of the Co-Chairs of BOEP! BOEP is the student council that interviews professors and reviews syllabi in order to select the seminar courses that freshman and sophomores are either taking right now or will be taking when they get here! It’s tons of fun to be a part of this group and it gives you a direct say into the courses that are going to be offered to you and your peers! Besides that we fund educational events proposed by students, host professor dinners and fireside chats, and have a yearly field trip! You can contact us at


My name is Delilah Owens and I am a junior studying Elementary Education. This is my third year at Collins and my first year as co-chair of BOEP. I'm incredibly excited to begin selecting seminar courses that Collinsites will enjoy, as I find this student group to be an essential part of life at Collins. In addition to being BOEP co-chair, I also work the Collins center desk and enjoy volunteering at Middle Way House. Please feel free to contact me about more information concerning BOEP.