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The Collins Board of Governors (BOG) is the legislative body of the Collins Student Government. It is made up of one or two Governors from every floor in Collins.

The Board of Governors has 3 main responsibilities:

  1. It is one of the boards responsible for allocating student fee money by funding projects in the Collins community.
  2. It serves as a forum in which student concerns can be heard and addressed.
  3. It fulfills other legislative roles delegated to it by the Collins Constitution.

The Board of Governors typically meets every-other week (see calendar). BOG meetings are open to all residents, but Floor Governors or their proxies are the only ones who may vote.

The form to request funding from BOG can be found here BoG Form.

Pealer Bryniarski: Vice President of Board of Governors

Hi! I'm Pealer, a sophomore studying something or other - talk to me to find out what it is this week! As the Vice President of the Board of Governors, I strive for community awareness and involvement, so I hope you see me around and feel free to ask any questions you have about BoG or Collins student government. In my free time, I like to wear secondhand shirts, take showers, and make bad puns.