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The Director of Campus Involvement is responsible for connecting Collinsites to the greater IU campus and Bloomington Community. Whether it’s an excursion to an IU sporting event, a field trip to a renowned musical, or bringing residents together to cheer on our Little 500 team, Campus Involvement ensures that Collinsites get the full Hoosier experience.

Check out some of the links below for some cool things to do around campus!

IU Athletics
IU Auditorium
Little 500 (IUSF)
Union Board Films
IU Dance Marathon

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Dannie (Aimes) Dobbins [he/him, they/them]
Class of 2017
Campus Involvement Director
2nd year Collinsite and former Ed4 Collins LLC BOG representative 2014-15
IUB Gay-Straight Alliance President 2015-16
Executive Director of LGBTQ* Affairs IUSA 2015-16
Independent Major Program: Queer Advocacy Major
Fundraising and Resource Development Minor
Human Sexuality Minor
I strive to work tirelessly on creating a safe college/dorm environment for ALL students.
Hobbies include: Printmaking, Spoken Word Poetry, and playing my Ukulele.
If you need anything at all, you can reach me via umail: