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E-Force Co-Chair: Josephine Mccormick

Hi-ya, my name is Josephine McCormick and I’m both pumped and proud to be your E-Force
co-chair! I’m a first-year student studying law and public policy but spending more time reading
the manifestos of radical feminists. When it comes to sustainability, my passion lies with
composting, helping others find easy eco-friendly dorm habits, and never washing my socks.
Kidding! My local involvement stretches from being the compost intern at Hilltop Garden and
Nature Center to spending every Saturday morning working at the Farmers Market. When I’m
not berating people for tossing plastic water bottles in the trash, you can find me in a tree, in a
hammock in a tree, or in a thrifted dress in a hammock in a tree.

E-Force Co-Chair: Joli Finley

Hi everyone! My name's Joli Finley and I'm looking forward to being one of the E-force co-chairs this year! I'm currently a freshman on a pre-business track but hope to co-major in sustainable business. I'm very passionate about sustainable living, so much so that I won "most likely to recycle" for senior superlatives. I aspire to be low-waste and enjoy educating myself on environmental problems—especially topics regarding fast fashion, food waste, and the current plastic crisis. You can find me in the dining hall with my bamboo utensils, complaining about people who don't recycle.