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E-Force Co-Chair: Kendall Gibson


Hi! My name is Kendall Gibson and I am one of the E-Force Co-Directors. I am a sophomore studying geology and anthropology. I work at the front desk here at Collins and I keep busy around campus and in Bloomington through my involvement with IU Dance Marathon, the Scholarship Advisory Committee, Jubilee College Ministry, First United Methodist Church, Community Plunge, and Monroe County United Ministry.

E-Force Co-Chair: Adam Dougherty


Hey everyone, my name is Adam Dougherty and I'm one of the E-force co-chairs. I am a junior majoring in Public Relations and Environment and Sustainability Studies. I hope that E-force can be a group where everyone collaborates and make some good things happen here at Collins when it comes to sustainability. I look forward to meeting lots of new people and helping mother nature!

E-Force Co-Chair: Lydia Byers


Hello everyone! My name is Lydia Byers and I am one of your Co-Directors for E-Force this year. I am a sophomore studying Sociology and in my free time, I am also a Co-Editor of the Collins Columns and a barista at the Cheshire CafĂ©! Come see me and chat about your dreams, passions, the environment, snacks, the inevitable heat death of the universe, or anything else that’s on your mind. I’m looking forward to a great year with you all!!!