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Marketing is an important facet of any program. This is the first year that Collins has had a Director of Marketing. Previously, the Marketing Committee fell under the authority of the Vice President of Internal Affairs. But now, we have a dedicated person to focus all of their time and energy into promoting Collins and encouraging people to explore all of what the Ralph L. Collins LLC has to offer!

Some of our main goals are:

  • Increase freshman applicants to collins
  • Gain more traffic to our dinning facility (especially our buffet) and collins events
  • Showcasing our unique collins culture and rich history

Ways to get involved:

  • Marketing Videos: Introducing the first ever Collins Intro video, a fun way to look into what life at Collins would be like, introducing student gov officers, staff and faculty, and amenities. Also, partnering with other Collins organizations on creating event trailers to promote our events. Anyone interested in creative content like video or audio (theme song) production are welcomed!
  • Social Media and Communications Outreach: Improving internal social media pages as well as branching out to outside audiences and showcase what Collins is all about! Also plenty of opportunities to meet with other campus organizations like RHA, IUSA, etc. This is a great chance to network!

Director of Marketing: