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Philanthropy Council focuses on planning and executing service opportunities for other Collins students. We will be working with our Adopt-a-Nonprofit, Middle Way House, planning projects such as Trick-or-Treat for The Rise, Collins Annual Soup Bowl, and Spring Break for The Rise. We will also work other service organizations students may be interested in working. Past events include a knit-a-thon, a writing campaign for Soldiers’ Angels, and a build for Habitat for Humanity.

Middle Way House

Middle Way House is a domestic violence shelter that strives to end both structural and interpersonal violence in the lives of women and children. They offer many programs and services, such as shelter for survivors of domestic violence, workshops and support groups on domestic violence, legal aid, and transitional housing in form of the Rise. Collins has a long-standing relationship with Middle Way House. Each year, we put on two large-scale events: Trick-or-Treat for The Rise and Spring Break for The Rise. We also have fundraisers throughout the year in Middle Way House’s benefit.

phil profile

Hello, my name is Kristi and I'm currently a sophomore studying Psychology and Criminal Justice. I'm the current Director of Philanthropy here at Collins, having been heavily involved with the group my freshman year. When I'm not sleeping or working on homework, I love to play video games, read, and watch movies. If you're ever hanging around Cravens or the Chesh at night and see me, come say hi!
Also please feel free to stop by the Student Government office during my office hours or shoot me an email at