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Collins sends student representatives to several campus-wide student government bodies, including the Residence Halls Association General Assembly and the Indiana University Student Association. These students are dedicated to serving the community and making sure that Collinsites’ opinions are heard. Please feel free to reach out to them!

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My name is Damon Voss, and I am the RHA General Assembly delegate for the 2015-2016 school year. I am a junior majoring in Secondary-Education: Social Studies. There are many things I like and many things I do not like. It is my job to keep students informed about what goes on during the RHA General Assemblies and to be a voice for the students here at Collins. If you have any questions about RHA, General Assemblies, Collins, or about life in general you can find me in the Student Government office during my posted office hours, at the Collins Center Desk when I am working my shift. IF you cannot find me there you can contact me through my email,