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Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species, or nuisance species, are plants and animals that threaten the diversity or abundance of native species in lakes, streams and wetlands. When an invasive species is introduced into a system (on purpose or accidentally), it can quickly come to dominate the lake and threaten economic and recreational activities. Invasive species cost the U.S. approximately $150 billion every year.


Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring

In the summer of 2012, the Indiana Clean Lakes Program started the Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring program. As part of the program volunteer monitors survey plant communities in their lakes. They identify the plant species that are present in the lake and their abundance. Our volunteers also look for invasive species in their lakes.

To learn more about the Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring program please visit the Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Volunteer page. If you would like to participate in the program and monitor your lake for invasive species, please contact us!