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Educational Factsheets

All of the educational factsheets produced by the Indiana Clean Lakes Program can be found here.

Aquatic plants are NOT just weeds!

Five Simple Things - Five simples things you can do to protect your lake.

Funneling: A Threat to Indiana's Lakes - Funneling is the use of a single waterfront lot by multiple users. Funneling allows access to numerous users of a lot designed for a single household.

How to Interpret Lake Data - A document containing information to help you understand what the lake data mean.

Recreational Carrying Capacity of Lakes: How much is too much?

Sustainable Lake Shorelines - A factsheet that describes what you can do to improve your lake shoreline.

Toxic Algae Poster - a poster, suitable for enlarging and printing, that provides tips for avoiding exposure to algal toxins. Source: MN Pollution Control Agency.

Zooplankton Factsheet - information about freshwater zooplankton.