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Additional information regarding shorelines can be found using the links below:

Funneling: A Threat to Indiana's Lakes - Funneling is the use of a single waterfront lot by multiple users. Funneling allows access to numerous users of a lot designed for a single household.


Managing the Water's Endge

Managing the Water's Edge - A booklet that provides information on how to manage the riparian areas that border lakes and streams. Source: Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
(Large file: 4.29 MB)





Sustainable Lake Shorelines - A factsheet that describes what you can do to improve your lake shoreline.


Introduction slide from "On the Brink" PPT"On the Brink" is a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation put together to help educate home owners about Indiana's lakeshores. You are encouraged to show this program at your lake association meetings, or any other not-for-profit use. This presentation was put together to show how we are changing our lakeshores as well as what we can do to prevent further damage.

This powerpoint is saved as a .PDF (requires adobe acrobat reader) and some slides contain notes with additional information. To access notes attached to the slides (if the slide contains notes), right click the small comment icon in the top left corner of each slide and click "open pop-up note"

On the Brink (Large file: 5.86 MB)



Natural vegetative shoreline restoration using bioengineering.