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How to Enter Volunteer Secchi Depth Data

Data Entry Instructions

Follow these easy instructions to enter data electronically. There is additional help provided on the actual Data Entry Form.

  1. Click on the link at the bottom of the section to access the data entry form.
  2. To start, select the name of the lake and the county you wish to submit data for using the drop-down menus.
  3. Click "Choose lake".
  4. Now enter the information requested in the blanks. Required information is marked with a *.
  5. Once you have entered all of the requested information click "Review Data".
  6. The information you entered will be presented for you to review.
  7. IMPORTANT! Check your data entries very carefully. If you find a mistake, click "Edit Your Data" to make changes.
  8. If the information is correct, click "Submit Your Data".
  9. You will receive an email confirming your data submission.
  10. If you are ready to enter data, click here and the data entry form will come up for your use.

This data entry form transmits your data to the Clean Lakes Program in Bloomington and automatically enters it into our volunteer monitoring database. This saves us from having to re-enter your data from the data cards and helps insure accuracy.



Do you have temperature or dissolved oxygen data to submit? Please use the Temperature/DO form to submit it electronically!

Want to learn more about collecting temperature and dissolved oxygen on your lake? Click here.