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Lake News

Blue-Green Algae

IDEM's blue-green algae page provides results for algal samplings between May 12th and August 29th along with interpretations in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) guideline levels.

DNR News Releases

Check out the DNR website for information on Indiana activities, programs and projects.

Volunteer Monitoring Data is Available Online

Since 1989, volunteer monitors have collected over 12,000 measurements from lakes all across the state of Indiana. You can now access all of that data online from the CLP website. You can search for a specific lake or view yearly summary reports. Just click on "Volunteer Data" under the "Volunteer Monitoring" section along the left margin. Or click here.


The Indiana Clean Lakes Program is now on Facebook!

The Indiana Clean Lakes Program Facebook page provides citizens and volunteers with a place to interact, share ideas and pictures with the Program. To find us, just search for the Indiana Clean Lakes Program on Facebook, or use the link below.