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Related Links

CLP Data in Publications

We frequently receive request for data that is used in various projects throughout the state of Indiana as well as data that is used for regional projects. We are working on efforts to pull this information into one place to showcase the hard work of our program staff, apprentices, and citizen scientists. If you have seen or have been a part of any reports that have used Indiana Clean Lakes Program data or data from the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program please share those reports with us so we can link them to our website and highlight the amazing work of our affiliates.

Habitat structure and ecological drivers of disease - Indiana Clean Lakes data was used for lake surface area and maximum depth.

Lake Maxinkuckee Lake and Watershed Management Plan - Utilized data collected through the volunteer lake monitoring program to determine historical phosphorus changes in Lake Maxinkuckee.

Long-Term Citizen-Collected Data Reveal Geographical Patterns and Temporal Trends in Lake Water Clarity - Volunteer monitoring data used in database compliation for Midwestern Lakes.

Occurrence and Trends of Selected Nutrients, Other Chemical Constituents, Diatoms, and Cyanobacteria in Bottom Sediment, Lake Maxinkuckee, Northern Indiana - Lake data from Lake Maxinkucktee used to compile report.

Additional Lakes and Water Quality Information

Below please find a number of different links that provide additional information regarding lakes and water quality. All links will redirect you to websites that are not affiliated with the Indiana Clean Lakes Program.

Indiana Watershed Leadership Program site - The Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy educates watershed coordinators, teachers, volunteers, engineers, district staff, non-profit organizations, and others to lead watershed efforts that improve water quality in Indiana. The Indiana Watershed Leadership Program offers free webinars so you can learn at your convenience and save time and money on travel.

Center for Disease Control Cyanobacteria site - Facts about cyanobacteria and cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms

Indiana Blue-Green Algae Information - Addressing concerns about blue-green algae in Indiana

Indiana Department of Environmental Management website

Indiana Lake Management Society

North American Lake Management Society

Secchi Dip-In - The Secchi Dip-In is a demonstration of the potential of volunteer monitors to gather environmentally important information on our lakes, rivers and estuaries.

US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water