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Indiana University Bloomington


John Arthos
Associate Professor

Hans-Georg Gadamer, Paul Ricoeur and hermeneutics.
Carolyn Calloway-Thomas

African American public discourse and intercultural communication
Stephanie DeBoer
Associate Professor
Office: 229
transnational or global film and media studies; film and media co-production; film and media’s intersection with space, place, and location; East Asian film and media; Japanese and Chinese language film and media; inter-Asia cultural studies; memory and film/media; "new" media and globalization; film and media theory and criticism.
Elizabeth Ellcessor
Assistant Professor
Office: 243
Digital and social media, participatory culture, celebrity and performance of the self, the intersectional study of disability, television studies, the construction of the public, and cultural studies
Terri Francis
Associate Professor
Office: 227
Ilana Gershon
Associate Professor
Office: 215
Anthropology of democracy, indigenous self-representation; U.S. ethnic formations; globalization
Baerbel Goebel-Stolz
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 241
My research focuses on media industries, transnational media flow and television narrative. I am currently investigating trading, marketing and exhibition practices of U.S. television in European markets, always connected to digital media access’ and its effect on both the national and international television industries.
Jane Goodman
Associate Professor
Department Chair
performance and civic life; colonial and postcolonial formations; theater, music, and poetry, with emphasis on the Middle East, North Africa, and France
Mary L. Gray
Associate Professor
Intersections of new media, social movements, and cultural identity; social theory and ethnography of gender and sexuality; sociology of youth and public culture
Joan Hawkins
Associate Professor
Office: 211
post-World War II American and French film culture, theories of high and low culture, European and American film history, film theory, horror cinema, experimental film, the avant-garde, theater and performance art
Susan Lepselter
Assistant Professor
Office: 233
American popular culture, social theory, semiotics, narrative, poetics, native American studies
John Lucaites
Office: 245
the relationship between rhetoric and social theory in the context of the relationship between race and identity, the impact of visual rhetoric on U.S. liberal-democratic public culture, and the fragmentation of liberalism in the U.S. at the end of the 20th century
Joshua Malitsky
Associate Professor
Office: 217


documentary history, theory, and criticism; non-fiction film and nation-building; intersections between documentary, ethnographic film, and the avant-garde; early Soviet cinema; Cuban cinema; realism; and sports media
Michael T. Martin
Office: 209
diasporic and émigré formations, transnational migration, diasporic and postcolonial film
Ryan Powell
Assistant Professor
Office: 235

film and video historiography; minor and microcinemas;  audio and/or visual media in socio-sexual culture; queer theory, history and politics; cultural geography (with a focus on non and
anti-metropolitan modalities); intersections between industrial and non-industrial cinema; spatiality and representation; and independent, underground and  experimental cultural production and performance.
Jennifer Meta Robinson
Professor of Practice
Office: 251
phenomenology of the natural environment in expressive and popular culture; interpersonal communication; intersections of community and identity in education
Susanne Schwibs
Office: 283
Film production
Susan Seizer
Associate Professor
Cultural anthropology; performance studies; comedy in the U.S. & India; humor in use; social stigma; diasporic Indian feminist film; ethnographic methods
Jon Simons
Associate Professor
Office: 213
image cultures, political imagery, politics and popular culture, aesthetics and politics, Israeli public culture, Israeli peace movement, contemporary critical political and cultural theory
Cynthia Duquette Smith
Senior Lecturer
Coordinator of C121
Office: 221
the rhetoric of American architecture, public memory, and memory spaces
Robert Terrill
Associate Professor
Office: 231
African American rhetoric, rhetorical criticism of popular film, and discourses of dissent
Gregory Waller
Office: 216
American film history and historiography, non-theatrical cinema, moviegoing and film exhibition, genre, Japanese cinema, representation of Japan in American culture