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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty |Stephanie DeBoer

Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies, Department of Communication and Culture

Phone: 856-3708
Office: 229



Research and teaching areas include: transnational or global cinema and media studies; cinema and media co-production/production; cinema and media’s intersection with space/place/location; screen media and urban space; screen media arts and video arts; critical approaches to “new” media in the context of globalization; East Asian or regional cinema and media; inter-Asia cultural studies; Japanese cinema and media; Chinese language cinema and media; film and media theory and criticism.

Based in the historical and contemporary stakes of cinema and screen media in East Asia and the Asia Pacific, my research addresses the dynamics and experiences of place/space/location as they are produced in the context of transnational, regional, and urban cinema and screen media cultures.  My approach is deeply interdisciplinary, drawing from critical cinema and media studies, critical geography studies, urban studies, and global/transnational/regional studies, among others.

I am currently one of fourteen international and interdisciplinary fellows in Framing the Global, a five-year Mellon-sponsored initiative toward the publication of book manuscripts, establishment of conferences and symposia, and the development of curriculum providing new and more grounded ways of addressing global processes.  I am also faculty within the Department of International Studies, the Cultural Studies Program, and Department of East Asian Studies, as well as affiliated faculty with American Studies.

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